Hi, I’m Soraya. My Obsession is Helping Women Grow a Classy and Rewarding Side Business on Social Media. 
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A few years ago, I was at the pinnacle of my full time Army career, but I was newly divorced, fatigued and stressed out.  I knew there was joy ahead somewhere, but it seemed so far away.

A friend recommended some products for sleep, stress and energy that helped me feel confident, less stressed and healthy again.

I realized I could use these products to make some extra income online, and following some simple steps, I jumped right in. My first paycheck was $232 and I never looked back.

I quickly built a classy business that is good for my soul, my health, and my finances. Now, I am obsessed with coaching and mentoring others to do the same.

I Show Modern, Busy Women How to Grow a Classy and Rewarding Business 

 – Establish a Classy Social Media Presence to Attract People to YOU
– Avoid Begging or Annoying Friends and Family
–  Turn Your Fear of Selling into a Good Thing (including Major Results)

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