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3 Health Lessons I Learned from my Business Seminar

I was at an incredible business seminar this weekend.  That may sound really boring, but it truly was an amazing event and I didn’t want it to end.  There were some BIG time successful names in the room giving lots of wisdom.  I soaked up all the advice they had to give, and it didn’t hurt that it was in beautiful Sanibel Island, Florida. In between learning, we did some great networking, stand up paddling, and had some pool time. 

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Back to the business part.  Many of the discussions were about mindset and how to succeed in business, however, as I took notes, I realized that much of it applied to your health and having the right mindset to be/stay healthy.  I’ve picked out 3 awesome business lessons that we discussed, and then show you how they also apply to your health.  

3 lessons that you need to know to be successful in both business and health

Business lesson 1: Do you have a true coaching relationship with somebody in your life?  Do you have somebody that gives you real feedback?  If not, seek somebody out.  Somebody that will give you an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.  

How this applies to your health: In health, it’s also so important to have a coach! So often we can’t be objective about our habits, our food choices, or our mindset.  It takes a coach to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be somebody you pay, but it needs to be somebody who won’t B.S. you.

Business lesson 2: Your money and bank account are a result of your habits.

How this applies to your health: Your health is a also result of your daily habits.  What you do you to set yourself up for success daily?  Is your day structured to give you the best advantage possible?  In other words, do you make time for the small building blocks you need (real food, exercise, water, good mindset, positive relationships), or do you fill your day with whatever you want to do at the moment?

Business lesson 3: You being fired up about your business is not enough. Having the knowledge is also not enough. You must take imperfect action to push yourself into success.

How this applies to your health: Taking imperfect action is also key to your health.  Yes, you could aim for the the perfect supplement routine, or the perfect workout routine, or the perfect macronutrient ratio for your foods.  Or you could read all the health books and listen to all the podcasts and have tons of knowledge.  However, consistent imperfect action over time will get the job done and be far less stressful than trying to be perfect.  Aim for the 85% range and just be consistent.  Who’s going to be healthier…the person who goes to the gym 5 days a week for 15 years but is a mediocre athlete or the person who goes maybe 8-10 weeks out of any given year, but when he does show up, is stronger than most people there?  Certainly the first person.  The 2nd person will rely on natural ability, but they aren’t taking the right action.  

Get out there and take some imperfect action!


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