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6 priorities so you can stay healthy when you are stressed out

I have a crap ton of stuff going on in my life right now.  Unfortunately, that’s made me a little stressed out.

Most of it is fantastic stuff – crushing big goals that my boyfriend and I are working towards.

We’ve crammed our plates full with a home remodel that’s way over schedule and budget (but is going to look AMAZING), we’re purchasing another rental property, weightlifting competitions, travel, business seminars, etc.  I’m crushing my business goals, and I still serve as an Army officer in my “9-5”, which is going really well.

Some of the stress is not so good – my grandfather passed away recently, and I actually took that harder than I thought I would.

My point is… there’s a lot going on that has disrupted my normal habits lately. The fantastic news is I’ve stayed fairly healthy, and I really believe that’s the difference between me continuing to meet my goals while stressed or dissolving into a sad, stressed out mess on my couch.  Here’s what I do to stay healthy.

6 priorities so you can stay healthy when you are stressed out

1. Keep a positive outlook. This is the most important thing. Remember that most of the things that stress you out are things we choose to bring into our lives (kids, jobs, goals, etc). That doesn’t mean we can’t have bad days or be frustrated at those things. All I’m saying is that it helps to remind yourself that these things are really a good thing in your life, even if they are stressful at the moment. Also, If it’s your thing (which I highly recommend), continue your meditation or affirmation practice daily. Say things to yourself like, “I have a wonderful life and I am grateful for all that is happening to me.” Modify that to fit your situation, of course. Whatever you do, when you hear yourself complaining, stop yourself. It just doesn’t serve you.

2. Be ruthless about sleeping minimum 7-8 hours consistently. Cut stuff out of your day just to accomplish this. Nobody cares except you if your house isn’t as clean as it normally is.

3. Eat real, whole foods. Focus on eating things that don’t come from a container. Simple meats, fish, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds are a great place to start. Meal prepping (bulk cooking) can help with this. In fact, the Instant Pot is the way I cook most everything in bulk. Slap some chicken, veggies and some spices in there, and walk away. It’s my favorite way to eat healthy and save time in one.

4. Say no to anything extra that’s going to make your stress worse. This unfortunately may include intense exercise (even if you love it and think that it’s absolutely necessary for your happiness). It’s been tough, but during my stress, I’ve had to lighten my CrossFit and weightlifting load. I’ve also added in a LOT of walking, and it’s getting the job done right now. Plus, the time I spend walking outside is great for decreasing stress.

5. This is NOT the time to try to lose weight. Sorry, but you won’t have any long term results if your cortisol levels are elevated from stress, and if you do, it will take twice the effort it should. I personally was on a 8 week cut (diet plan) a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t meeting my goals because of increased stress, so, I stopped. I’m totally okay with that. I can always return to that when things have calmed down.

6. Make a weekly schedule and stick with it. Write it down and carry it with you. Plan your bedtime and wakeup time. Stay on track so you can prioritize sleep. Schedule your free time out to avoid bouts of “lost time” to TV, Facebook, etc. Do things that make you laugh and smile. Plan those as well. Most importantly, stick to your schedule. It will keep you from making poor decisions and will help you get back to normal.

Stay tuned for more tips to help you reduce stress and crush your health goals!

Also, if you’re looking for someone to help you manage with that stress, send me an email here and let’s chat about how to get you on track.


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