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7 Reasons You’re Always Tired

I don’t know about you, but my friends are pretty much always tired.  I get it.  There’s a lot going on, and we tend to think we need to crush it and hustle all the time.  I used to be that person.  I would push myself through all my responsibilities by force of will and lots of caffeine, but I was never truly refreshed in the morning, no matter how much sleep I got.  My goal with this post is to reiterate that being “always tired” isn’t just something to accept as part of life, and there are ways to get your energy back.

Reasons Why You’re Always Tired, No Matter How Much Sleep You Get…

1. You’re not saying no enough

If you’re a Type A, or maybe just an optimist, it’s likely you think you can do all the things.  As you’ve probably figured out, it often doesn’t work out.  Or, it works out at the expense of your sleep.  It sounds like a simple solution, but saying “no” more takes practice.

2. You’re not getting enough sleep

Adult humans need 7.5-8 hours of sleep each night.   Yep. You read that correctly.  Each night.  And no, you are not the exception to that rule.  No more excuses like, “I’ve always needed less”, or “I’m just programmed differently”.  Nope.  You’re not different.  Even if you feel refreshed mentally, your body still need that much time to refresh your hormones each day.

3. You’re not eating the right foods

You’re eating foods that put your hormones all out of whack.  Too much sugar, too many refined foods or refined carbs, and it’s easy to get on the hangry/sleepy rollercoaster.  Eating a diet full of real foods; veggies, fruits, meats, lots of starchy carbs (potatoes, beets, plantains, squash, etc.) and healthy fats will go a long way to help that.

4. You’re not moving enough

Yep- sounds strange, but your body was built to move.  Don’t use it, and weird things happen hormonally.  When you’re chronically tired, aim for low impact things like weightlifting and long walks to stay in shape but avoid burning out your nervous system.

5. You have depression or anxiety and don’t realize it

I dealt with anxiety issues for YEARS before I realized what it was, and honestly, it took someone else pointing it out to me.  The way my anxiety manifested was me looking to “do” more as a way of coping, so I chalked it up as drive and motivation as opposed to an unhealthy thing.  The result?  I was always tired, but wanting to do more.  Depression can also be sneaky.  It can easily masquerade as general fatigue that can be blamed on “laziness” or “lack of drive”, so be on the lookout if you suspect that you are affected by either one of these serious issues.

6. You have a hormone disorder

So many adults have issues with their adrenals and thyroid and just chalk it up to being sleepy or needing a vacation.  I know this because I did that.  I struggled for years without realizing I was hypothyroid, and when I finally went to see the doctor my test values were “normal”.  Seek out a functional practitioner who can help you.  You’ll need one who is willing to look beyond lab test numbers and actually listen to how you feel to help you recover.

7. You have poor digestion

Digestion rules your body… it drives healthy hormones and your immune system, which drive your energy levels.  If you’re always tired, take time to eat healthy and solve any digestion issues you might have, and your energy will rise as a result.


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