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How to Accomplish Bold Things When You Don’t Have Time

You say you don’t have much time? I completely understand.

You see, I’ve had a crazy full year of epic, bold things that took up a lot of my time.

– got Married (yay!)
– got a new Army job
– designed and oversaw 2 home remodels
– traveled a bunch
– made a ton of amazing new friends
– AND built my side gig into a rewarding and successful wellness home business

When I tell people what I do, they look at me and usually say that they don’t have the time to do all that, or they ask me how I do it.

I tell you all that because I don’t have some special genes.  It’s all about learning some simple steps that you or anyone else can use.

Although truth be told, it’s simple, but it sure isn’t easy.

Watch for details on my 3 step process to accomplish bold things in your life

1. Outline a vision for yourself. If money were no object, what would you do? Where would you live? Who would you spend your time with? What would change about your days and what would stay the same? Would you make the same choices you do today? Write your vision down, put it somewhere where you can see it daily, and refer back to it often.

2. Then, make a list of specific goals that will get you towards your vision. Work backwards and make sure that your actions will result in what you’re looking for. Often, that’s time or money related.

3. Then, every single day, refer back to that goal list. If your whatever you have going on in your daily operations doesn’t get you one step further to your goals, then cut it out. It’s that simple (although it sure isn’t easy). However, this is the key to making all of this work; your vision has to be so strong that you are 100% committed to making any change necessary to reach that goal. If you are wavering, it’s because your vision isn’t strong enough.

Hope that helps!

As always, reach out to me if you have questions or feedback.

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