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How to get people reaching out to YOU and asking you about your products

Episode 004: How to get people reaching out to YOU and asking you about your products (aka Attraction Marketing)

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What if you didn’t have to reach out to people all the time? What if you had people giving you their info or raising their hand to know more? What if, you had a process by which you could eliminate the people who were clearly going to say no to your products, but you could also ID the people that you might be able to help? Today we’re talking about attraction marketing, which is going to be a major theme of this podcast.  I want to give you a baseline of what it is (if you aren’t already familiar), and how it can be used for your business.

WHEN you use attraction marketing, you start to:
  • Give value on social media or online somewhere consistently
  • Talk about what you are passionate about
  • Create curiosity and have them reach out to know more
What is attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing is where you are share things that are valuable to build and attract an audience.  

You do this generally BEFORE you make an offer.  ‘

This can be done in any industry, not just network marketing.

Examples you may be familiar with;

  • bloggers who give you free advice and education, then sell you a book.
  • Stores that have free tastings or classes, then you’re more inclined to buy
We say that attraction marketing is to give value.  Let’s explore exactly what that means.

What type of info is valuable?  This takes some thinking.
– Who are you trying to attract?
– What is the problem (or what are the problems) they have?

– What information would help them in their lives?  What would make their lives better?

That could be inspiration, humor, or my favorite (education). Education is the easiest, since you don’t have to be particularly skilled or charming.

How does attraction marketing work?

You figure out who you want to attract, then start putting content out that will attract those types of people.

Looking to attract moms who are having trouble losing weight after baby?
Start talking about problems that moms have.

Looking to attract people who want a non-toxic lifestyle?

Start putting out content that teaches about how to make a non-toxic home and the health benefit of that. Or, you could get more specific and talk about things like healthy hormones.  

Looking to attract people who love makeup?

Start teaching people how to use specific products in makeup that they may be fearful of, and take the “mystery” out of makeup.  

Get as creative as you want!

The success of attraction marketing depends on not giving away all the details.  The goal is that you want people to reach out to you in some way, so you need to not give away everything.  

Give some basic info and then have a next step to take so that you know they are watching or reading and want to know more.

  • Download something
  • Message you
  • Text or call you
Why not just tell everything right from the start?  

Well, most people think that getting your message in front of more people will get you more sales. However, if you have people that actually know, like and trust you and you’ve built rapport with them, you have a much greater chance of making more sales that way.

A byproduct of doing attraction marketing is that you build a brand.  And what I mean by that is that you develop a reputation for being a problem solver or an educator something specific on.  So, if you use the examples I went over earlier, wouldn’t it be cool to be known as the person who teaches others how to do makeup? Or, teaches how to have a healthy home?  Or someone who can help moms lose weight? INSTEAD of… oh she’s the girl that sells X. HUGE difference.

So, instead of sharing a video about your favorite lipstick that your company has, you’re making a video about how to put on lipstick so it lasts through a dinner date.

Instead of talking about the essential oil you love, you want to teach about how to prevent zits or have clearer skin with 2 natural remedies.

Instead of talking about your favorite weight loss shake and brand, you want to do a video about protein intake and timing and how that affects hunger.

Again – huge difference.  Focus on pain points that your audience might have.

Build a relationship with them.

Be so valuable that they seek out what you have to offer.  

This also depends on something else… keeping your company not at the front and center.  Once they know what company and products you sell, you’re going to lose any potential customers to google.  And then you’ll never know who might have been interested or open to trying what you have.

Steps to get started with Attraction Marketing

Step 1: Pick a platform

Step 2: Realize that this is a long term thing, and that you may not get results overnight.

Step 3: Start creating content that teaches around a subject that your ideal client would want to know.  Often, that’s things you had to learn on YOUR journey, also. You can document as you learn. Basically learning out loud.  Out-teach your competition.

Step 4: Make sure you give them a call to action to reach out to you to learn more or find out your ideal shake or listick or essential oil brand or whatever.  

Step 5: Keep consistent and do it 2,3,4,5,6 times a week until you die.  

I’ve learned all this from Ray Higdon, Diane Hochman, and others like that.  

So… I want to help all of you who have a home business.

  1. Go through the steps
  2. Start creating content
  3. Look at the people you follow and see if the reason you follow them is because they are bringing value to you.
  4. Realize that you also have value to give and that when you show up and share what you know and learn that you are helping other people.

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