How to avoid getting sick this winter. Support your immune system and fight colds and germs.

How to Avoid Getting Sick this Winter: support a healthy immune system

When winter is throwing you increased germs, stress, poor food choices and lack of sleep, you’re more susceptible to getting sick (duh). We’ve all experienced it, and most people KNOW how to deal with it once they’re sick. However, the best way to avoid getting sick is to boost your immune system and give it all the support it can get. That way, when you DO get run down, you’ll have the ability to fight it off. Here are my 5 favorite ways to avoid getting sick this winter.

1. Eat real food

Avoid the processed garbage (cookies, candies, and other winter “treats”) that are everywhere this time of year. Then, double down on veggies so you increase the amount of vitamins and minerals in your system. Sure – you can treat yourself on occasion. Just do it on your own terms and don’t fall victim to the crappy candy jar or the accidental grocery store purchase. Instead, do it with something like a high quality dark chocolate or a homemade treat, and only when you are well rested.

2. Take a daily probiotic

Gut health and intestinal function is the key to a healthy immune system. My favorite probiotic is Life 9, which contains 9 different probiotic strains for full-spectrum gut support. Whatever probiotic you choose, make sure it has a wide variety of strains. (I also like this one).  And no, those yogurt things in the refrigerator section do not work (they aren’t high quality and don’t do anything but add sugar to your diet) and are generally a waste of your money.  Get yourself a real probiotic.  For bonus gut health and immune boosting, rotate some fermented foods like real kimchi or sauerkraut into your diet.

3. Diffuse Thieves essential oil* in your home or office for a few hours a day

Scientific studies show that diffusing these oil particles into the air supports a healthy respiratory and immune system when you inhale them. It also works to purify the bad stuff out of the air in your home. Bonus side benefit is that the oil blend naturally smells like Christmas (it’s a blend that has cinnamon, clove, rosemary and lemon oils in it), and your family and guests will love it.  Don’t have a diffuser or oils?  Learn more about my favorite ones here.

4. Add in some bone broth to your diet

Ever wonder why people think chicken noodle soup is good when you’re sick?  They aren’t talking about the canned stuff.  They’re talking about the stock your grandmother used to make from chicken bones.  Now, it’s super easy to make it yourself (I use this recipe).  The easiest way to make it yourself is in an Instant Pot.  Or, you can buy it online (my favorite store bought broth is this one from Thrive Market). It will load you up with vitamins, collagen and minerals that will help repair any damage to your intestinal lining and support a healthy immune response to stress.

5. Sleep, Sleep, and Sleep

This is my favorite topic, because everyone thinks that they can function on less than they really need. You should be getting AT LEAST 7-8 hours a night, and no, you are not the exception. If you have trouble sleeping, consider a magnesium supplemen like Natural Calm, or meditation. What’s that? Say you don’t have time for less sleep? Take some naps, which is far better than going without. Or, cut out TV and social media, and I’m sure you can make some time. This will (literally overnight) improve your hormones, which in turn helps your immune system.

Cheers to a healthy winter!

*I have tried almost every essential oil company out there, and ended up on the brand of essential oil that is the safest, has the highest quality, and widest variety of oils. I don’t mess around with quality when its stuff I’m ingesting and putting on my skin for my health. If you already use oils, awesome! If not, I highly recommend trying them out. If you’re looking for the best, based on all of my research, feel free to reach out to me at or on Facebook and I can help.

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