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I have 30 minutes a day to build my business. What do I do?

When I talk to people about wanting to start a business, I often hear that people don’t have time.  Most of the time when I hear that, it’s actually just an excuse because the person isn’t really interested.  They just want a way out of the conversation and they don’t want to be truthful and say it’s not for them.  But here’s the thing – I will NEVER, EVER try to convince someone to build a home business.  If they don’t have an intense drive to do it, they will never be successful.  However, for the people that actually DO want to grow an amazing side income and want the ability to change their life, then time is not a challenge.  Here’s how you can build a business in 30 minutes a day.

Your Business in 30 minutes Plan:

1) Spend 5 minutes on personal development and skill development.

This is you learning from a leader or influencer via podcast, blog, book, or video.  I listed this first because you MUST dedicate time to having a mindset for success.  Without this, it will be very difficult to succeed in your business.  I also listed this first because it’s very easy to find extra time to do this.  You can listen to podcasts, audiobooks or training sessions during workouts, commute times, while you are doing dishes, or just about anything.  Most people find that they can get much more than 5 minutes of personal development in on an average day.

2) Spend 10 minutes creating a post on social medial that teaches something to your ideal teammate or customer.

If you are in a health and wellness home business, then I recommend using attraction marketing to teach about topics your ideal client would be interested in.  The key to this strategy is to teach topics that solve problems for your ideal client, WITHOUT naming your product.  If you name your product, then your potential customer will go straight to google and cut you out of the process.  Your job is to create curiosity so they have to reach out to you for more information.

Use that 10 minutes to create a:
– Facebook post
– Quick video or FB Live
– Instagram post also shared on FB
At the end, you always want to include a call to action that asks your audience to do something.  Examples include: Click here. Contact me if you want to hear my secrets.  Message me for more tips.

3) Spend 15 minutes. – Lastly, and most importantly, you MUST prospect and invite people to view your product or opportunity.

The key to your team and growing your income growing is getting people exposed to your presentation.  This is the basic principle of prospectingThere are many simple, non-spammy ways to do this, but the goal is to have someone take an action (like watching a video) to learn more.  The way you get people to watch your video is to create authentic conversations with people daily.

So, in essence, you’ll spend at least 15 minutes a day reaching out to people and chatting with them. Super easy, right?  For some of you that have FB groups, you could spend 15 minutes inviting people to your Facebook group that THEN teaches about your product, service, or opportunity.  Either way, spend 15 minutes in conversations with people, and if the time is appropriate, ask them if they are open to hearing about your thing. Honestly, it’s fairly easy.

With time, you will become efficient at talking to people, and you can easily use part of your “Business in 30 minutes” strategy to have real, valuable conversations.

Your Business in 30 minutes – ideal? No.  Does it work?  Yes!

By consistently working your “business in 30 minute”, you could build a business that grows to your ideal size.  Is it ideal? Of course not.  Is it totally possible? Absolutely. Most people, if they really want to, can find 30 minutes SOMETIME in their day.  That might mean giving up something you love during your day, but if your goals and dreams are compelling enough, your decision should be easy.  However, most people also struggle with consistency, and that is the key to success with this strategy.  Stick with this strategy for 6 months, and you’ll be SHOCKED at what you can do! Don’t let time be a limiting factor in you achieving what you want in life.

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