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Do You have to be Really Healthy to Have a Health and Wellness Home Business?

I hear this all the time: “I’d like to join a home business, but I’m not an expert on (fill in the blank… weight loss, skincare, etc.), so it wouldn’t really work.” Is there any truth to that?  Do you have to be really healthy to have a health and wellness home business?

FALSE (spoken in your best Dwight Schrute voice).  You do NOT have to be really healthy to have a health and wellness home business, and I’m going to explain why.

Listen to the video below.

Your Takeaway Points for your Health and Wellness Home Business

– Network marketing, home businesses, or any business for that matter, is about helping others solve problems.

– Your health and wellness business is your opportunity to connect with people, listen to what they may need help with, and if your product helps with something they need, they’ll join you.

– People usually listen to you because you have credibility on some level, and that credibility comes from all different sources.  Friendship, expertise, knowledge of another topic, or their perception that they know you through social media or a blog are all examples.  However, if you have a product that fits their needs and you show the benefit to them, you don’t need as much credibility.

– In fact, if you have TOO much credibility, it will be easy to recruit people (particularly product users).  You will have to show them that regardless of how people join them, they need to point people to a system or tool that will be easy to duplicate with or without credibility.

– One way to gain a connection is to take people through your journey with your use of the health and wellness product.

In fact, if you are NOT an expert in your company’s product for your health and wellness home business, keep in mind these few tips:
– Never be spammy or post links or product pictures.  Instead, discuss how you and your teammates see the benefit of your product or the benefit of the benefit (ex: it helps you lose weight, or it helps you with your confidence when you want to wear skinny jeans)
– If someone mentions a need, share with them that you are using a product to help you with the same thing! Then, ask them to come on the journey with you.

Examples of how you can take someone on your journey:

– weight loss (share what you are doing to lose weight with people)
– makeup (share how you are learning to do makeup and ask your friends to follow along)
– skincare or anti-aging (share a problem that you have in common – wrinkles)
– essential oils – (you are new to using essential oils and want them to come along and learn with you)

Hope that helps you!

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