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I was featured on!

Soraya Goddard on, Home Business tips, Health Journey, Network Marketing, Military Side Job or Side Hustle

I’m grateful and honored to have been featured on last week!

It was one in a series of articles that highlighted various Military Veteran business owners, and I was lucky enough to be included.

Some of you know my story (which I share in the article here), but I’ve had quite a health journey that is all too common these days.

After 10 years of stressful deployments and intense work hours, I was physically and emotionally burned out. I started going to doctors, therapists, nutritionists, and everyone I could think of.  Everyone I saw said I was fine, and said that all my tests came back “normal”.  I knew feeling this way wasn’t right, no matter what lab results said.  I was exhausted all the time, and my weight was going up and down for no reason, despite eating healthy and being a marathon runner.  I had zero libido, my long curly hair was falling out in clumps, and I could never truly quite relax.  This was in my 20s, where I was supposed to be in my prime age, and although life was generally good, my gut told me something was wrong.

Through trial and error and 2 painful years, I figured out how all the pieces fit together.  Hormones, food, exercise, lifestyle, stress, sleep, supplementation, mindset, social interactions… it’s all related and all plays an important role.

Now I have a side business where I have the privilege of sharing what I learned with others. I show people how to manage their own stress levels and stay healthy while working full-time careers or other stressful jobs.

The best part of the whole story?  I ended up finding the business of my dreams in the process.  Not only do I get to help people feel and look better, but for those interested, I get to help them turn that into a simple and fulfilling business as well.

What I didn’t know at the time is that starting a side business (or #sidehustle) was one of the best things that could have happened to me.  I’ve met the most amazing people and had experiences that I would never have imagined. I’ve spoken on stage with some marketing legends, and now I’ve been featured in!

I want to share a few thoughts the article doesn’t touch on:

1. Whether things are off in either your health or your career choice, nobody is going to smack you on the face and tell you things in your need to change in your life.  For me, there was no divine voice or major turning point.  Sometimes it’s just a gut feeling, and it’s really important to listen to that instinct and take action.

2. If you are in the military (or in any stressful job for that matter), it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the thought of starting a new career.  The great thing about a side business is that you don’t have to make that change.  You can build it on the side and it will be there for you if and when you decide to leave.  I only wish I had known I could do this years ago!

3.  Side businesses are the perfect ventures for military spouses, and can be a stress reliever on the military member while also bringing a greater sense of purpose to the military spouse about their financial contribution to the family and future.

4. Having a full time job AND a side job isn’t always easy, but it IS always well worth it.  When I decide to get out of the Army, there’s no job hunt in my future.  I’ll just keep on rolling without missing a beat!

Thanks again to the staff for such an amazing honor.

Tell me.. what are your thoughts about the article! I’d love to hear them.

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