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Last-minute healthy holiday gift guide (that you don’t have to leave the house to buy)

Let’s face it.  Unless you are a rare breed, you leave holiday gift shopping until the last minute.  Today, you’re in luck, though.  I’ve put together a healthy holiday gift guide to help you get some last minute shopping in without stress.  Bonus: you don’t have to leave the house to get any of these gifts.

Gift a membership to Thrive Market, an amazing online health food store

Thrive Market holiday gift membership

Know a healthy eater who’s busy or hates fighting health food store crowds? Thrive Market is like Costco meets Whole Foods meets Amazon Prime.  It’s a low-fee membership site that discounts good quality healthy food and ships it quickly to your door.  Load up a gift card with enough that your bestie can treat his/herself to their favorite healthy foods and other healthy goodies.  Also, if you gift a 1 year membership, you will get $30 Thrive Cash to spend for healthy goodies for yourself!  Gift a Thrive Market Gift Card


Give an Audible gift certificate for your favorite audiobook

Know someone who commutes or loves to learn?  It’s super easy to gift a favorite audiobook.  Most people will be able to download it on their phone, so it’s perfect for a commuter or someone.  You can send notification over email, or print it out and mail it to them as a cute card.  Gift Audible audiobooks here.

Some of my favorite audiobook suggestions:

The Sleep Revolution by Ariana Huffington

It Starts With Food – by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson (Also, buy this for yourself if you haven’t read it.  It’s pure genius.)


Beautycounter “Naughty to Nice” charcoal cleansing bar and face mask set

Know a guy or girl who loves to look good (basically everyone)? Almost anyone at any age can use this awesome gift – especially men!  This powerful cleansing duo is great for men and women, good for any kind of skin, and lasts an extremely long time (mine has lasted almost 6 months).  Both the bar soap and the face mask clean pores out, helps with acne, and the gentle-yet-effective black soap looks badass in your bathroom.  And yes, because the mask is black, men all over social media are showing that good skin is not just for women.  Gift the Naughty to Nice Set (or one of many others) here.


Subscription to the Headspace meditation app 

Know someone who needs some stress relief and relaxation in their life? Or maybe someone who is anxious or needs to have better sleep? Don’t be put off by the “M” word. Meditation can be fun and low-threat with this app.  Plus, it’s a great way to keep consistent for those people who want to start a practice but can’t.  You can gift from one month to 2 years of a subscription.  Gift Headspace here.


Immune Boosting Winter Wellness Set

Know a teacher, a parent or someone who spends all day in an office around other people? This gift set is filled with goodies that will boost anyone’s immune system and help them stay healthy through the winter.  It comes with the supplements I use daily to keep me staying healthy, and includes protection for when I’m not.  These supplements and cough drops are different than what you can buy at the store; each of them also contain a powerhouse combo of the highest quality essential oils that will support a healthy immune system (and don’t tell anyone, but I also use the cough drops as immune-boosting breath mints).  It also contains a bottle of the amazing Thieves oil, which is scientifically proven to get rid of bad germs and improve your immune system at the same time.  1 drop in a cup of tea (or cider or coffee) each day will do wonders for both kids and adults.  Plus, it has a delicious holiday taste.  During checkout, if you enter in my enroller and sponsor number – 2648869 – I’ll send an awesome stress-busting essential oil roller bottle to you as the gifter!  All you have to do is send a copy or a screenshot of your receipt to my email at  Gift the Winter Wellness Set here.


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Disclaimer: All of these products are things I’ve personally bought with my own money and used and love and now recommend to you.  I may in some cases make a small commission from your purchase through these links, which will inevitably go back to fund my coffee, travel, wine, or Lululemon habits.


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