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Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

I love traveling, and I’m always looking for adventure, whether it’s an exotic vacation or a day trip near home. However, the one thing I don’t love while traveling is eating out every single meal. Sure… new restaurants are great, but going from eating clean food daily to a situation where you don’t know exactly what’s in your meals is tough. For those of us with dietary restrictions or food sensitivities, it’s even harder.  There are some very easy ways, however, to stay healthy while traveling, and I’ve talked about them in this video and below.

Quick tips to keep you healthy while traveling.

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Posted by Soraya Turner on Friday, October 7, 2016


I’ve come up with a few key tips to help you stay healthy and feel well while traveling.

Get a hotel room with a fridge. Even if it costs a little bit more, the benefits are well worth it. If there are no rooms with kitchens in the hotel, then you can call ahead a few days and tell the hotel that you have medications that need to be temperature controlled (Food is medicine, right?). You can at a minimum keep some cold fruits, veggies, and healthy meats and snacks in a fridge and have a healthy breakfast.

Pack your favorite condiments or essentials and bring them from home. Some of my favorites to bring are; hot sauce, roasted pepper sauce, roasted eggplant sauce, and a healthy sugar-free tomato or spaghetti sauce. These can either be packed in your checked bag (wrapped in bubble wrap) or be purchased somewhere when you land. Which leads me to the next tip….

Before you arrive, plot a grocery store that’s on the way to the hotel or destination and stop there to stock your fridge. Focus on the basics; get veggies and fruits, some healthy protein, and some healthy carbs. (Maybe buy a few fun drinks, also, since I always have a few drinks at a bar and then want nachos or something bad.) Trader Joe’s is a great place to go, but really any grocery store will do. Super Target is another great stop, and you can always pick up a cheap knife or paper plates there if necessary.

Travel with a stainless steel water bottle. Swell bottles are my favorite, but any kind will do. Carry it to the airport empty, and fill it up once you come through the gate at a water fountain. Plus, you’ll save money on $9 airport water bottles.

Plan for digestive success.  Digestive success will keep you feeling well and keep your immune system up
– Bring Digestive Enzymes and take them before and after meals
– Double up on your probiotics – if you take one per day, take one in the am and the pm.
– I personally like to use an essential oil blend called DiGize that is formulated for digestion. It has fennel, ginger, peppermint, and lemongrass and is great to promote healthy digestion and will also help you feel better after you eat something that doesn’t settle well.

Bonus: Most of these tips also help you save money! Boom.

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