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How to hit your goals, no matter what they are

Do you always hit your goals, no matter what they are?

  • Maybe you struggle with growing your business with the speed you want to.
  • Or, maybe you want to lose  the weight you’ve been stressing about for the last year.
  • Or, maybe you need to hit a certain financial goal in your part time business to quit your job, but you aren’t there yet.

Oddly enough, the answer to hitting your goals in these seemingly 3 different arenas is all the same, and there’s no secret sauce.  What gets tracked, gets measured.  Consistency is the key to success, and without measuring your progress, it’s easy to get off course.

Yes, it’s true that I love numbers and measuring things (I am a red personality with a good dose of green on the side, and we KNOW how greens love numbers). However, it really just comes down to this: goals without timeframes and metrics are just dreams.

In order to hit your goals, you need to track the important numbers religiously.  It’s fairly simple to do it, and it makes all the difference.  I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know, but I’ll give you an example of ways that I track my goals during my day so I can accomplish what I need to.

How I Always Work to Hit My Goals

1. I track exactly what I eat.  When I need to stay the same weight or lose weight, I track exactly what I eat.  I follow a plan that tells me how many grams of carbohydrates, fats, and protein (all the macronutrients) I need to eat at what times during the day.  Is it hard? At first.  I started with this program a few years ago, and the first two weeks I had a calculator in the kitchen to figure it all out. However, the crazy thing is… after the initial learning curve, it became second nature.  Now, I can look at a plate of food and know intuitively what all the measurements are and if I’m eating too much or too little.  If I get into a time of heavy traveling or stress, and I’m NOT following any measurements… surprise!  I gain weight.  Not exactly rocket science, right?  Now, I’m not saying you need to do this.  What I AM saying is that if you aren’t tracking it, it’s easy to slip off course.

2. I keep a chart of my weightlifting numbers.  I can tell you my 10 Rep max for all the major lifts, and whether it’s going up or down.  And 100% of the time, that’s in direct correlation of how hard I’m working in the gym, which is also in line with my results.  Again, not rocket science.

3. I track subscribers to my email list.  This one is easy because my email software does it for me, and I check it every morning.  For me, this is a metric of whether my marketing is effective or not.  If my numbers are low, it’s usually because I haven’t done enough marketing that week.

4. I track the number of people I reach out to and prospect every day.  If my business isn’t growing like it should be, I guarantee you it’s because I haven’t been reaching out to people and asking them if they are open to taking a look at my business or products.

How You can Hit Your Goals in a Home Business

So, if you want to hit your goals, then you need to decide what the metrics are that you need to track.  If you have a home business, go by this short list to start, and adjust as necessary.

1. How many people viewed your company presentation today, no matter the format? This can be a 1 on 1 meeting, a class, a personal phone call, or someone watching a product or business opportunity video. (This does NOT include people who you mentioned your business to, but did not watch a presentation of some sort. And this also does not include Facebook or Instagram posts – that falls into the category of marketing.)  If you track this number, you won’t be surprised to know that if the number is zero, your business isn’t growing.

2. How many people are you talking to about your business each day? Although this is similar to number one, this number includes general network building and growing awareness.  This one can include online conversations and casual mentions.  If you track this number, you’ll become increasingly aware of how much effort you’re actually putting into prospecting, which is the best way to grow your business from the start.

Just Track Something!

Whatever you track, chart it on a spreadsheet or an app, and see what happens over time.  Even a 90 day push to hit some simple numbers (show your presentation to 3 people per week) can be extremely valuable to grow your business.

Hope that helped!  If you are interested in learning more about how to succeed in a home business, email me and let’s chat!

Soraya Goddard

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