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Holiday Gift Guide for the Boss Babe / Business Babe

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I get asked so many questions about what I use to run my business, so I figured for this holiday I’d put together a gift guide of my favorite boss babe must-haves.  You can use this guide to send your favorite business woman a gift.  Or, even better, you can treat yo self and shop so you can have a fantastic next year in business!

1. Every Boss Babe Wants to Look Great on Video


You’ve ramped up your Facebook Lives, and now this ring light will make it look like you’re a movie star with flawless skin.  I use this every time I do a video and it hides all the blemishes, discoloration and sweat from the camera.  This light also makes it so you can do videos in a dark room and nobody will know the difference.  It’s well worth the money, and you can mount your iPhone, DSLR, or any other camera right on it.

LimoStudio 18″ Ring Light Dimmable Fluorescent Continuous Lighting Kit


2. Decorate that Desk with Diamonds

Whether you’re a network marketing boss babe searching for that diamond rank or just a girl who loves the sparkle, this paperweight can be used as decoration or motivation.

Crystal Clear Faceted Diamond Shaped Paperweight

3. Protect those Gorgeous Eyes of Yours

Blue Blockers, Computer Glasses

Every boss babe knows that staring at her iPhone or Laptop all day is so draining.  Your eyes strain, you can get headaches, and it can contribute to fatigue or problems sleeping at night.  Throw on this pair of cute glasses that prevent the harmful blue light from ruining your days.  These glasses are trendy, adorable AND functional.  This company, Pixel, has a range of styles and colors, so if a crystal pink cat eye isn’t your thing, there’s plenty more to choose from. (Edit: I’m not sure if we’re all to blame, but the adorable rose color went out of stock today.  There are still plenty of other colors and shapes to choose from, though!)

Pixel Eyewear Thera Eyeglasses in Rose Quartz 


4. You need SOMETHING to sign those checks with…

These cute pens will make your desk look amazing.  And, they’ll match your amazing new planner (see #5).

Rose gold pen set (also comes in gold)


5. My Favorite Planner Ever

Lord knows I’ve tried about every planner on the market, and they all are lacking something I needed.  This Circa system is the perfect solution.  It comes in Letter (8.5×11″) size or Junior (A5) size, with a really cool ring system that allows you to put any paper in you want.  For the past 3 years, I’ve customized my planner with different printable inserts and boom…the perfect planner.  The leather on this is amazing and mine has lasted years of daily abuse.  Now, it comes in Rose Gold, so I just bought a new one!

Circa Rose Gold Foldover Notebook


6. The Best Water/Coffee Bottles on the Planet

You’ve probably heard of Swell Bottles, but almost 2 years after I bought my first one, I still use it every day.  It’s helpful to keep one on hand for ice cold water, and another filled with hot coffee.  (I may or may not have another larger Swell bottle just for taking wine on the go…) Keeping these around on my desk reminds me to drink water constantly, and it’s also another thing to keep your desk pretty.

S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Double Wall, 17 oz, Copper Rose Gold, Metallic and Stone Colors


7. Make your Office your Favorite Place to Be

Even if you work from your laptop in bed (guilty on occasion), your work space should be inviting and inspiring.  Etsy is a great source of affordable prints (like this one) that you can digitally download, print out, and put in a cute frame.  The best part is that these prints are super affordable, so you don’t have to feel guilty changing them out each year or as your boss babe mood changes.

Rose Gold Banana Leaf Art,


8. On the Go Insta-Glam

Everyone knows that lighting can make or break your photo, and this little ring light is perfect for your purse or pocket.  It clips onto your phone and really does help everything look better.  It’s also great for taking some close in product shots when the light just isn’t quite right.

Phone ring light

9. Turn your Office into your Creative haven

Whenever I need to be focused or productive, all it takes is something like the Stress Away Essential Oil blend in my essential oil diffuser to keep me on track.  Not only does it smell amazing, but this stunning diffuser sends little molecules of high quality essential oils into your nose to help physically relax you.  I have oils diffusing in my office, my kitchen, and my living room, and I can’t imagine working without them.

Premium Starter Kit with 11 oils and an Essential Oil diffuser


Happy Holiday Shopping!

Soraya Goddard

Text me at: 202-813-9908

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