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Homemade Sunblock

I lived in Hawaii for much of my 20s, and I could kick myself for all the times I didn’t wear sunscreen.  I have olive skin, so I tanned really well and didn’t burn easily.  I thought I only needed to wear it when I was going to the beach.  The problem is that just being outside, driving in the car and other normal sun exposure added up to serious sun damage over time.

Thankfully I am (slightly) smarter now.  I am religious about using daily sunscreen.  However, most store bought options are full of chemicals that disrupt your endocrine system (meaning that they act like extra estrogen in your body).  Look to see if your sunscreen has oxybenzone or octinoxate in it.  If so, you want to avoid it and find one that doesn’t.  I’ve found a great, simple recipe that doubles as a face moisturizer and gives sun protection at the same time.  The essential oils and non-nano zinc oxide combine for two types of sun protection.

Here’s my easy DIY option for homemade sunblock

Homemade Sunblock (makes 4 oz)



Saucepan and glass bowl (or double boiler)

Mixing Bowl


Glass containers (I like these 2 oz glass jars)



¼ cup coconut oil

1 ½ teaspoon beeswax (what I use)

½ cup shea butter (what I use)

2 Tablespoons non-nano zinc oxide (what I use)

30 drops carrot seed essential oil*

30 drops lavender essential oil*



  1. Fill the bottom of the sauce pan with enough water that when you set the glass bowl into the pan it covers the bottom of the bowl but doesn’t spill over.  Or, if using a double boiler, put some water in the bottom pan.
  1. Heat the sauce pan with glass bowl (or double boiler) on low to warm up the water and the contents of the bowl. The water should not be boiling. You want only enough heat to gently melt the contents in the bowl. You may need to gently stir the ingredients while melting.
  1. Once the ingredients have melted gently, take the bowl off the heat and set in a cool place for about 3 minutes.  The ingredients should still be warm, but not at all close to solid yet.
  1.  Add the non-nano zinc oxide, carrot seed and lavender essential oils directly to the bowl.  Stir until everything is mixed together well.
  1.  Then, pour the liquefied contents into whatever glass container you like and stir.  I like to use two 2 oz jars.  Place the glass jar in your refrigerator to let your sunblock firm up.  Once it’s cooled, it’s ready to use!


Note that I call this “sunblock” instead of “sunscreen”.  I don’t have a way to figure out what SPF protection this provides, so make sure you reapply if you’ll be out in the sun for a while.


If you aren’t a DIY fan, this is the sunscreen I highly recommend.  It’s the only other one besides my own I actually use.  No harmful chemicals, it smells amazing and goes on very easily (no streaking or greasy feeling).


*To learn more about how I use essential oils and where I get them, click here.