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What I learned from all the Top Earners on How to Close

So many people want to learn how to “close” people… aka how to magically say the right thing to make them want to buy.

I’m going to teach you today why you DON’T need to know how to close to build a successful business.

In fact, you can build a successful business even if you’re scared to talk to people.  I promise.  Want to know how to close?

Here’s the secret… everyone thinks there is something magical that you say to make people want to buy.  And there *are* things you can say to make people want to buy.  But, you don’t need to know any of those to be successful.  People make emotional decisions about whether they want to buy something, so you aren’t likely going to use logic to talk them into it.  (This is why your posts about your company sale don’t do much.  The only people that get excited about those type of posts are the people that already are emotionally invested in your product and looking to purchase.  But that’s a whole other video, and I digress…)

You don’t need to know how to close, you just need to know how to sort.  Sort, sort, sort.   Sorting is the key.  Sort people that are open to one side, and people that aren’t open to the other side.

Here’s how to close in real life, according to Top Earners.
  1. Build relationships with people. You can do this in person or online, whatever you prefer.
  2. Reach out to those people (aka prospecting), ask them if they are open to taking a look at what you have. It’s that simple.  You could ask them if they are open to (insert your product benefit here).  “Are you open to hearing about what I do to relax each night after a long day?” “Are you open to learning about how to lose 10 lbs before New Years?” Always lead with a benefit, and avoid the product and company name.
  3. If they’re open? Great! Send them info, give them a presentation, bring them to a home meeting, or whatever your company does.  If they aren’t open?  Move on!  There are a ZILLION other people to talk to.  Your business isn’t going to succeed or fail off that one person anyways, so don’t worry about it.

The key on how to close people is to be open and honest about what benefit you’ve experienced.  Have an honest conversation.  If someone isn’t interested, they’ll let you know.  Then, you put them on the list to reach back out and follow up with!  No just means “not right now”.   In the meantime, however, you want to move on to the next person!

Once someone says they’re interested, don’t get over excited and word vomit all your knowledge on them.  Just send them to a video, or share a quick testimonial and a graphic about what you have to offer.  They’ll tell you whether they want to buy or not.  That’s it.

Watch this video on What I learned from all the Top Earners on How to Close:

Just to recap – there is no magic way on how to close.  The Top Earners got to where they are by reaching out to someone and seeing if they’re open. Once you’re done with that, move on to somebody else.

Sort, sort, sort.  Don’t be scared.  Stop your attachment to the outcome.  Don’t worry about closing them with fancy phrases. 

Now, you might be thinking… yes, but it sucks when people don’t want my stuff!  Sure, a little bit.  You know they’re missing out on your awesome product or business, but you can’t take it personally.  Does the artist in the gallery get offended and hurt when she doesn’t sell her painting?  No.  Does the waitress get mad or sad when you don’t order dessert?  No.  They just move on to the next possible match.

So get out there, reach out to some new people, and see if they are open!

Hope that helped!  If you want to learn more about how to succeed in a home business, email me and let’s chat!

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