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How much time does it take to build a profitable home business?

Most people won’t tell you the truth (but I will)!

Anyone who says building a home business is easy is lying to themselves or trying to sell you on some fantasy. It might be simple, but it isn’t easy.

I was fortunate to see the amazing Eric Worre last week, and he outlined these benchmarks for you to consider. Some people grow their business faster, some people go more slowly. But generally, this is what the AVERAGE home business owner or network marketer will deal with when trying to grow a profitable home business.

How much time it takes to build a profitable home business?

1 year: To become competent and profitable.
3 years: Consistent part time effort to become full time
5 years: Consistent effort to get to a 6 figure income
7 years: Consistent effort to become an expert with incredible income

Watch exactly what people won’t tell you about growing a profitable business here:

Food for thought about how much time it takes to become profitable at your home business:

– What if you had started at 18 years old? Where would you be now?

– What if you were doing it part time along the way starting 10 years ago?

– How long out of high school or college did it take for you to get to 6 figures? (Some people never make that).

– What if you could impact someone at age 30 so by the time they were 40 they didn’t have to worry about money? Or, better yet, what if you could impact a 20 year old to be a 6 figure earner by 25?

– What if you could impact a 60 year old so they could not have to worry about retirement by 65? Imagine the gift that would be to someone!

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