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Grow your Network Marketing Team by Focusing on Problems

You have problems, I have problems, we all have problems.  Jay Z famously said he had 99 of them, and some days, that feels about right.  However, today I’m not talking today about YOUR network marketing problems or life problems.  Today I’m talking about the problems of your potential customers.

I’m going to share a simple way that you can connect better with potential customers and teammates by focusing on their problems.  (Say what???) Let me explain….

Instead of thinking about your products and how you can get somebody to buy them, let’s think about your potential customers and what their problems are instead.

Most network marketers suffer from what Lee Lefever coined as the “Curse of Knowledge”.  Once, before you joined your business, you had a problem.  Someone introduced you to an awesome product, and you were able to solve that problem.  The issue is that now, you just assume that everyone knows how that works, and that they automatically know how your product solves their problem.  Reality, however, is that they don’t. 

You assume that when you post about your shakes, your oils, your ketones, your skincare, that people understand how your product helps them. You assume that when you post a picture of a bottle of something, that they can make the mental leap to understand that whatever is in that product can help them feel better, look better, or be better in some way.  Again, that’s just not how most people operate.  They just see a bottle and assume you’re trying to sell something.  And unless it’s what they’re already looking for, they’re just going to move on.

So how do you get people to make that leap so you can get people to understand how your product helps them?

Here are a few simple steps…

1- Stop posting pictures of your bottles or your products.  I know it’s hard, but stay with me. (This is what I do on social media instead.)

2 – LISTEN for people complaining about stuff.  LISTEN.  Most people complain about stuff all day long.  Open up those ears and just listen for someone telling you they have a problem.  Be empathetic and ask them questions about those problems.  Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand how that problem is impacting thier life.

3- Share a story about someone you know who struggled with the same thing.  If you personally struggled with that thing, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and share your story.  (Side note- you can do this in person or on do this on social media.)  If you portray yourself as perfect all the time, people won’t feel like you relate to their problems or think you know what it feels like.

4- Then, ask them if they are open to hearing about how you helped someone else with the same problem.  Say something like, “You know, I helped my friend Soraya with this issue just last month.  Would you be open to me sending you some info on what helped her?”

Stop sharing your solutions, and start looking for other people’s problems.  When you approach your business this way, people are typically open, appreciative that you took the time to listen to them, and usually open to hearing how you can help them.

Hope that helped!  If you are interested in learning more about how to succeed in a home business, email me and let’s chat!

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