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Why Perfume is Harming you and What to use Instead

Why perfume is so harmful

To some people, the word “perfume” means something that smells nice and sits in a pretty bottle. “Fragrance” is also a word that we think means something that smells nice- maybe in a lotion or moisturizer.  However, when you see “perfume” and “fragrance” on a label on a products, it’s likely coming from a harmful and toxic chemical. Fragrance is commonly added to products to make them smell good or mask the smell of other ingredients. The word “fragrance” or “parfum” on a label actually represents an unknown mix of various harmful chemicals like diethyl phthalate. These chemicals vaporize into the air, where we inhale them and smell them. Or, if they are in a topical product, they soak into our skin where we absorb them in our bloodstream. Unfortunately, as they enter our body, they are putting us at risk for serious health issues.

The chemicals in fragrance and are associated with moderate to severe allergies and the disruption of your immune and reproductive systems. Additionally, they can contribute to things like headaches, irritation, nausea, breathing trouble, forgetfulness, and many other symptoms. Some fragrances can trigger asthma attacks, worsen sinus conditions or even cause topical or internal allergic reactions.

Fragrance chemicals can also contain a type of chemical called phthalates, which can not only harm the user, but can also harm secondhand users in your home (kids, pets, other adults). Phthalates are known hormone disruptors and are linked in animal studies to malformations in vitro. Companies like this one are know that consumers don’t want to get sick off their beauty products and are banning the use of fragrance and phthalates.

 How to avoid exposure
  1. The first step is to read your labels. If your product label has the word “fragrance”, “parfum”, or something like it, throw it out. Yep. Throw it out. Seriously. Your health is more important.
  1. Use a website like the Environmental Work Group’s Skin Deep website ( Type in the name of the perfume or any product you have questions about and look at the rating. Most store bought perfumes are rated as a high hazard! This likely includes all of your store bought perfume. (Yes, even your precious Chanel #5 rates as a moderate to high health hazard! So do the so called “eco labels” like and boutique perfumes. Bummer, I know.)
  1. I recommend making your own perfume with Therapeutic grade essential oils and a carrier oil. This is a much cheaper and safer solution, and it will also bring you positive health benefits.
Safe perfume with essential oils

Smelling amazing does not have to be toxic. In fact, it can bring you health benefits if you are using therapeutic grade essential oils. These oils can help with stress, a bad mood, boost your immune system, and much more.

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Some of my favorite combinations for roll-on perfume are:

  • 10 drops Frankincense / 6 drops Ylang Ylang / 3 drops Lavender / 3 drops Lime (great for stress relief and boosting immunity)
  • 5 drops each; Grapefruit / Bergamot / Orange / Lavender (perfect for a happy mood)
  • 12 drops Lemon or Grapefruit/ 4 drops Peppermint (perfect for uplifting in the Spring and Summer)
  • 12 drops Lemon or Grapefruit/ 4 drops Peppermint (perfect for uplifting in the Spring and Summer)
  • 12 drops Lemon or Grapefruit/ 4 drops Peppermint (perfect for uplifting in the Spring and Summer)

Fractionated coconut oil (like this)
Essential oils of choice (you can find essential oils at 24% off here)
Perfume roller bottles (I use 10ml ones like this)

How to make your own healthy perfume:
  1. Drip 10-20 essential oil drops in the bottom of the perfume roller bottle (# of drops depends on how intense you like your fragrance).
  1. Fill the rest up with Fractionated coconut oil.
  1. Snap on the roller, make sure it’s on tight, and shake.
  1. Use as perfume that also brings you health benefits!