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How to get people interested in your home business

How do you get people interested in your business? The answer is personal branding.

Here’s a FACT: People love watching other people. Think about it…We love reality TV. We love reading celebrity magazines. Our culture is obsessed with looking at social media with other people’s stories.

Imagine you scrolling on your Facebook feed. In the middle of all the people and stories and family adventures and who-did-what-last-night fun reality TV type stuff, you come across a really overt product post (womp womp).  It’s a picture of someone holding a bottle of something and telling people that it has ketones or super special acids or molecules or antioxidants… buzzkill, right? Nobody’s looking for that stuff on thier feeds. The post just seems out of place. It’s like your favorite reality TV show was interrputed when your favorite charachter was mid-sentence by a shampoo commercial – it’s just not right.

So what CAN you do to get people interested in your business? Build a personal brand.

Creating a personal brand means that you create an online presence around topics that you love and enjoy sharing.  That means talking about YOU and your life. Think of giving people a peek into why your life is better now that you’ve gone through a transformation or journey.

I’m not talking about holding a bottle up and representing a company or product line.  Personal branding is about you creating a thoughtful content stream that covers things that interest you, your personal challenges and how you solved them, the inside transformation that you’ve experienced or are still going through.  Think of it like you starring in your own online reality TV channel.

If you look around, every single top earner online is branding themselves… and so should you!

If you are brand new, have never sponsored anybody, or never made a dime, you can still create a personal brand. You still have a story, and a life that people want to know about.

YOU are the business, NOT your product. I mean, yes, your home business provides you with a paycheck for telling people about your products and business opportunity.  But YOU are the brand and the business… and YOU are why people will buy products and join as a distributor!

The bottom line is that PEOPLE are interested in people, not products.

So, if people join and buy from people, what should you talk about if you want to sell product, recruit more reps, and make more money? Talk about YOU and the lifestyle you represent in your branding!

To create a personal brand, figure out what problem you know a lot about.  Think about topics that you can share with your friends online that they would be interested in. Maybe it’s how to live a life without harmful chemicals, or maybe it’s how to look good in your 40s, or maybe it’s how to run a business with 3 small kids at home. It honestly doesn’t really matter what the topic is.  Pick a topic you’re passionate about, talk about it daily, and share snippets of your life to people.  Your online friends will start to watch, and as long as you’re consistent with your content, you’ll start to form a personal brand and build an audience.  Then, the next step is to interact with that audience and be consistent.

Why Personal Branding?

The advantage of personal branding is that it allows your amazing personality to attract people to you.  Your personal branding will show that you aren’t just online to sell products.  Your brand represents you and a way of life that people will want to take part in.  In otherwords, when people think of you, they won’t think of a certain product, but rather they’ll think of the lifestyle you represent!

Once you have people interested in what you have to say, then it’s completely natural for you to share snippets of things you use in your life, which may include your products among other things. This way, you aren’t only going online to post pictures of your bottles, but rather you may be mentioning that you’ve made some lifestyle changes and share or teach a little bit about that.  Think of it as documenting your life and what you do daily.  That way, any product sharing you do is completely natural and in context of your awesome daily life.

Hope that helps!

Soraya Goddard

Text me at: 202-813-9908

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