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How to post on Facebook to have people asking you questions about your product

Have you made a post on Facebook about your product or business and just heard crickets?

I’m going to share a few simple reasons why people aren’t reacting, and then I’ll share a simple solution for you to get people interested.

Why nobody is reacting right now

– People don’t go on FB to shop, so they don’t want to see you selling some bottle of something. Sorry, but it’s true.
– Nobody cares what company you represent, beacuse they aren’t emotionally attached to it like you are and they aren’t familiar with what your company stands for.
– Your friends don’t care what your product bottle looks like. They don’t look at a bottle you’re holding up and clearly understand what problem it solves for them or what benefit it brings. It’s your job to show them that.

How to post on Facebook and actually get responses

What can you do to get people interested in your product? You can use a form of storytelling that engages people, shares emotion, and makes the benefit of your product obcious. This story format is really effective, because it’s really just one long testimonial about how your product has impacted your life, which is interesting to people as they scroll the day away. The best part about this is the testimonial can be yours or from anyone in your company, so you shouldn’t run out of content.  When stories are told well and with personality, they can be an amazing, engaging way to share how your products have impacted your life.  This is yet another form of Attraction Marketing that I recommend everyone practice in their business.

A format for telling your story on Facebook

1. Talk about the problem you had
2. Talk about how it made you feel
3. Share who turned you on to a solution
4. Tell what you no longer have to deal with
5. Tell how it makes you feel
BUT… DO NOT mention the product or company name! If you do, it’s makes it sound inauthentic and forced, and people won’t reach out to you (which is the goal).

What do you do when people like and comment on the post?

When you follow this format, people will naturally ask questions and react. Then, it’s your job to private message them and ask them if they are struggling with the same thing or strike up some sort of relevant converstaion. Maybe ask them why they were drawn to your post and go from there. Or just thank them for commenting and ask them what made them comment. Once you connect, you can also simply share more of your stor and listen to what they need. If they are interested, see if they’re open to your solution.

There you go! I’d love to hear how this works for you. If you post something like this at least once a week, you should start to see very positive results quickly.

Soraya Goddard

Text me at: 202-813-9908

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