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Prospecting vs Marketing: What are they and which one is better?

Prospecting vs Marketing: With all the information out there about how to build a business, what is important and what isn’t? Well, there are really only 2 ways to get new customers and get new reps to grow your business and that is through prospecting and/or marketing. So, today we’ll talk about how to do that, and which one is more important.

What is Prospecting?

This is when you reach out to someone and invite them to take a look at your presentation or speak to you about what you have to sell.

– With this way, YOU are in control of the process. You determine your pace, and you aren’t waiting for anyone else.

– You can start prospecting on Day 1, hour 1 to build your business and start making money. There aren’t really any fancy skills required.  You can prospect via Facebook, Messenger, Phone, face to face, or any mode you choose to have a conversation by. Talk, listen for problems, ask if they’re open to taking a look at something or learning more. It’s that easy!

– You should be prospecting as MOST of your actions, and only if you have a following that is large and responsive does that allow you to dial back on prospecting. However, I say never quit prospecting because you get lazy and out of touch.

What is Marketing?

This is when you put something into the world – a piece of content, and you hope that someone will come to you and take an action.

– With this way, you are NOT in control. Marketing gets a little more complicated and you need to understand human psychology a little bit more.

– This is the SLOWER way to build. If all you do is hope someone will ask you something or raise their hand, you are limiting yourself.
– Examples of Marketing include writing a blog post, using Facebook Live to attract people, and posting a Facebook post or Instagram.

Prospecting vs Marketing: Which should you be doing?

If your time is limited, prospecting for sure. Prospecting is YOU taking charge to build your business.

However, I also recommend you put a piece of content into the world (aka Marketing) daily. This doesn’t have to be complicated.

The lethal approach? A combo of both.

You put a piece of marketing into the world every day, and then reach out to those who react and prospect them. BOOM. If nobody reacts to your marketing, then you cold message or cold call someone. Not super difficult.

People THINK this Marketing the easier of the two, because they really don’t have to put themselves in a state where they could have somebody say NO. But… that’s insane. Asking someone a question is SO much easier than waiting for someone that may never come!

If you have a home business and you are NOT prospecting, then start small. Start with 1 person per day and see what happens.

Then, if you have more time, write a blog post, share about how you live your brand focus each day on social media, and continue to do that. But, when people react, prospect those leads!

If you don’t have a home business, understand that you can build a business by reaching out to 2 people per day! 2 Facebook messages to connect with someone is all it takes. Then, show them a video. Everyone has time for that – over time that will reap mega rewards.

Watch my explanation of Prospecting vs Marketing (and more tips) here:

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