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How to eat for more energy and healthy hormones

Starting today, I’m going to blog a series of incredibly important information about food, it’s impact on the body, and how to bring yourself simple health.  It isn’t about making things complicated.  In fact, the more you know, the more simple it is. 

I want to start out with basics about food, but over the coming weeks and months, we’ll cover in-depth information about macronutrients (proteins, carbs, and fat), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), and other topics like inflammation, stress, sleep, digestion, and more.  My goal is to give you the info so you can make simple decisions to make your life more healthy and more enjoyable.  

If you have any specific topic requests, drop me a line here or at soraya@sorayaturner.com.  In the meantime, we’ll get started with some basic information about the style of healthy eating I recommend.


How are your energy levels through the day?

Do you feel tired after meals?

How is your skin looking?

What about your hair?

Are you experiencing any kind of hormone challenges or get sick often?

All of these are issues that can be helped with a Real Food approach to food.  For ease, I will call this the “real food diet” from here on out, but it does NOT mean that this is designed for weight loss (although that frequently happens when people eat this way).

Primary benefits of eating a real food diet:

  • More, consistent energy levels through the day
  • Less chronic inflammation, which can lead to disease
  • Better digestive health (controls your immune system, skin, and brain health)
  • Improved hormone function
  • …and so many more

Why these foods?  (This is the most important part to understand)

  • These foods are nutrient dense, meaning they are bringing your food macro and micronutrients it needs to work optimally
  • These fats are from natural sources and aren’t damaged
  • They promote healthy digestive response
  • They promote healthy hormone response

What does a real food diet consist of?

As the name implies, it’s all about eating foods that have always been foods.  Think about mostly the foods your great grandmother would have recognized as food.  Things that can be raised/grown/harvested, etc.  This isn’t meant to be dogmatic or complex.  Don’t overthink it.  Just eat real foods that aren’t heavily processed and that inherently have lots of nutritional value.

I’ve created a list that outlines the basics (Pin this image at the bottom of the page):

www.sorayaturner.com/blog A Real Food Diet Approach for healthy hormones, weight control, more energy, better digestion, and hormones.


What isn’t included in a real food approach?

www.sorayaturner.com/real-food-diet What Not to eat on a real food approach. Ensure healthy hormones, more energy by avoiding these foods


What percentage of the time do I recommend you eat this way?  As often as possible.

Do you eat this way?  Yes, about 95% of the time, but I also let myself eat other things on occasion.  I have a weakness for cheese, macarons and chocolate.  However, I strive for health, not perfection, and I certainly don’t endorse food guilt.  If you stray from this kind of eating, don’t apologize or feel bad.  Just make an informed choice and see how you feel afterwards.  Nobody is going to be “unhealthy” if you have a plate of nachos or a piece of candy every once in a while (key = once in a while).  What I DO recommend is that a real food diet make up the vast majority of your eating.

Are there other names for this eating?  Yes- this is very simliar to a Paleo approach, and even the Weston A. Price style of eating.

Stay tuned to the blog and my Facebook page. I’ll be blogging and explaining on video why these foods are not recommended and what damage they do to your body.

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