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3 Prospecting Scripts for Facebook Messenger

Last week I had the pleasure of coaching an amazing group of part time business owners on the art of prospecting.  What is prospecting?  It’s reaching out to someone and asking them if they’d be open to looking at a product, service, or opportunity that you have. I talk about prospecting a lot, and I shared with them why Facebook Messenger is my FAVORITE place to prospect.  Here are some of the highlights that I’m happy to share with you, as well as 3 example Prospecting Scripts that you can use on Facebook Messenger.

Why prospect?

Most of us have VERY little time to run our businesses (hello full time jobs and families). So it’s really important that we not get distracted and that we focus on the things that will grow our business.  What are those 2 things?  Signing up new product users, and signing up new distributors.  These are your bread and butter, and you have to ask people to do that.

If you have very limited time, the #1 goal in your business should be to reach out to people and see if they are open to taking a look at your product or service.

Are there other methods of signing people up? Of course.  You can use various marketing strategies (posting on Facebook, ads, marketing funnels, etc.), but until those are filling your email inbox with signups, you should be spending most of your time prospecting.

Why Prospecting on Facebook Messenger?

1. It’s easy to access, and there are 2.07 billion monthly active users.  You’ll never run out of people to talk to. Ever.
2. Facebook messges are almost ALWAYS opened (vs email or Instagram DMs).
3. People will respond back to you if you send them a classy and honest message, even to say no.
4. It’s the quickest way to reach the most amount of people.
5. It’s easy to connect with people you do know as well as people you don’t.
6. If you screw it up, which you will, you never have to see the person again. (Seriously. That’s a huge advantage.)

How do you do it?

It’s important that we prospect, we act like a human being, have fun with it, and just ask someone if they are open to taking a look.  Don’t make it complicated, and don’t be desperate.  It’s the online equivalent of asking for a date – it should be polite, nice, and should be focused on attracting the other person.  If the person doesn’t want anything to do with it, remember – there are PLENTY of other fish in the sea.  2.07 billion to be exact.

First, reach out to them and say hi (again – simple human stuff here).  Speak like you normally would if the person were standing right in front of you.   Then, invite them to watch a video, invite them to attend a Facebook class or in-person class, invite them to watch a video about your product, invite them out for coffee, invite them to hop on the phone.  Invite them to SOMETHING.  It’s that simple.  If they say no, then you say, “okay cool!” and move on to the next one.

Here are 3 simple Prospecting Scripts for Facebook Messenger that you can use to prospect:
Prospecting Script #1:

Hey! I was just scrolling through my friend list and realized that we hadn’t talked in a while. How are you? What have you been up to? (They answer back, and then you say…) Well hey, you know what? I’d love to catch up soon, but I wanted to let you know that I’m doing this side project, and I immediately thought of you because (insert the reason you thought of them). I have no idea whether it’s a fit for you, but would you be open to watching a short video that shares some quick details? If not, no worries!

Prospecting Script #2:

Hey – I’ve been meaning to reach out. How are you? I know this is strange to say, but your name kept popping into my mind when I was thinking of people that might be open to this new thing I’m doing. It’s a product I’m LOVING lately because it X (insert your favorite product benefit here). Not sure if it’s a fit for you, but if you’re open to it, I’d love to send you some more info. If not, totally cool.

Prospecting Script #3:

Hey, X! How are you? Look – I know this is kindof out of the blue, but I wanted to let you know that I started this new side business a little bit ago because I have a passion to help people that want (better skin, more financial freedom, etc.). I have no idea whether that is something you might be open to, but if so, I’d love to send you a quick video that explains a bit more. If not, no worries!

The bottom line is that although prospecting on Facebook might seem scary and hard to do, if you send a really easy, simple message to someone, most of the time they will respond.  Don’t worry about if they say yes or no. Just continue prospecting! Your results may surprise you.

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