My Favorite Skincare Products for Acne-Prone Skin

My last blog post about adult acne generated a LOT of private messages and emails. Let me just say that there are a LOT of you that wish you didn’t have to deal with zits.  Basically the feeback that I got was, “okay, but while I’m working on lifestyle stuff (diet, rest, increase water consumption, decrease stress), is there any particular skincare for acne that you recommend?

The answer: absolutely.

I do want to give you a warning, though. You can use amazing skincare for acne all day long (and trust me…what I’ll show you is seriously ah-may-zing). However, if your acne is hormonal or lifestyle related, a topical solution will never really solve the problem completely. The good news, however, is that this skincare regimen will help your skin look better no matter what the source of your acne is.  The even better news is that if the source of your acne is simply a skincare issue, then these recommendations should make a huge difference.

Okay. So, what skincare should you use if you’re prone to breaking out?

First let me explain the basics about why you break out, then I’ll tell you what you can use for it.

Principles to understand about keeping your skin clear

1. Acne is often a result of sebum (a substance produced in your pores) getting stuck in your pores with no way out. By itself, sebum isn’t bad – in fact, you need it to keep your skin hydrated. It’s only a bad thing when it gets stuck because there is a build up of dead skin cells in your pores or some other blockage.

2. Gentle exfoliation is great to keep your pores clear and give that sebum a way out. However, there is such a thing as too much exfoliation. If you exfoliate too much or too often, your skin can be stripped of oils and counter respond by going overboard with sebum production, which then increases the problem.

3. The key is to exfoliate gently and consistently, but you also want to keep your skin hydrated with a deep moisturizer. I personally LOVE face oils and thick creams for this purpose. Most people with acne get scared of using face oils to moisturize your skin because they think it will clog your pores. However, oils like jojoba, coconut, sea buckthorn and more can be fantastic moisturizers.

4. I always recommend getting harmful chemicals out of your skincare – particularly those that are hormone disruptors. Hormone balance plays a key factor in clear skin, and anything that disrupts that can harm to both topically and internally. Always consult a source like the EWG Skin Deep guide before you purchase something.

The skincare I recommend for acne-prone skin:

Beautycounter is a skincare and makeup company whose goal is to provide you with safe ingredients. They have a list of 1,500 harmful ingredients that they will never use, including parabens, synthetic fragrance, or any hormone disruptor (and that’s fantastic for acne-prone skin, as well as anyone who has a thyroid or adrenal condition). I landed on Beautycounter after doing a LOT of research, and when I tried the products I was blown away with the quality and my results.  4 of the 5 products I recommend here are from Beautycounter, because that’s honestly what I use and believe in.

Here’s what I personally use and what I recommend for people that are prone to any kind of acne

Charcoal Cleansing Bar: A gentle but really effective daily cleansing bar. One bar lasts a LONG time (I think my record for one bar is 6 months, because a little goes a long way). I keep one on my vanity and one in my shower. Plus, doesn’t it look cool?  I’m obsessed and tell everyone about this.  The Activated charcoal in this bar (and the face mask and the face mist) really clears out your pores, controls any excess oil that may be generated from your pores, and minimizes the size of your pores.


Balancing Charcoal Cleansing Mask: I use this mask 2x weekly in the evenings before bed to keep my pores open, and it works wonders. Again, effective but gentle, which is the perfect combination. It contains kaolin clay, which absorbs excess oil without stripping your skin dry. There is a combination of salicylic acid and lactic acid in the mask to help exfoliate your skin, which smooths the appearance of your skin and keeps your pores clear. Most products that I see with these gentle acids go overboard and end up causing more harm than good. This mask, however, is perfectly formulated so that you can use it 4-5 times a week and still not over-dry your face.

(Ladies – this mask is also really great for men. It’s dark black, so it’s also fun to put on and scare your friends and children with).

Balancing Facial Mist
: I typically use this over my makeup, but you can use it over or under, or without makeup at all. It’s also great after a shower in the morning. You can use it daily, since it’s specially formulated with charcoal powder and kaolin clay to absorb excess oil, refine your skin texture, and help calm redness.

Balancing Facial Oil
: Some people freak out about putting oil on their face, but PLEASE trust me on this – it will moisturize and keep your skin feeling fresh at the same time.  I adore this particular face oil because it’s really lightweight and extremely hydrating. It’s a blend of seven natural oils, including sea buckthorn, meadowfoam seed, rose hip, as well as wild chamomile and ylang ylang. It helps balance your natural oil production, but it also does a great job of smoothing your skin and calming it down. Even if you don’t have acne, this is great moisturizer. I put 3-4 drops on my face in the morning and evenings.


Tea Tree Oil: Lastly, when I do have an occasional zit that comes up, this is the first thing I reach for to provide a spot treatment. I apply 1 drop a few times a day, and it’s gone.

You can get all 3 of the Balancing Products in a discounted collection (mask, mist, and face oil) here.

Or, if you just want to try a smaller size of each of them, you can get a mini spa set with each of the 3 balancing collection products (mask, mist, and face oil) here.

Great looking skin is definitely within your reach!  I’d love to hear if you follow these suggestions and get results! Drop me a line at soraya@sorayaturner.com.

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I always tell people that if the chemicals that were in most store-bought skincare were on your food, there would be headlines and demonstrations in the streets!  We are generally unaware of exactly what’s in our shampoo, our makeup, our moisturizer… but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let me know you’re into safe skincare below, and I’ll keep you in the loop on how to protect you and your family, as well as send you periodic tips, tutorials, and (most importantly) let you know about insider sales and discounts.


Safe Skincare

If the chemicals that were in most store-bought skincare were on your food, you would be outraged!

It doesn't have to be that way.

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