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Tips So You Can Stop Dreading Mondays

Do you hate Sunday afternoons because it means Monday is coming, and you dread Mondays? I’m going to give you some tips on why that’s happening and what you can do to avoid dreading Mondays so much.

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Why are you dreading Mondays so much?

1. You don’t love what you do
2. You wake up to a day that’s disorganized and hectic
3. You feel stuck in your job and want to do something more enjoyable

The good news is that there are some solutions to make Monday your favorite day!

If you’re on here, you may be looking to build a home business to get to more time freedom.  Working from home (or wherever your laptop and cell phone can go) is an amazing thing!  When you set your own hours, Mondays can be the best day of the week and filled with whatever you want.

You also need to be organized and prepared to crush your goals first thing on Monday, which make you feel amazing and love Mondays.

A few tips to Stop Dreading Mondays:

1. Revisit your vision of who you want to be and where you want to go, cut anything out that isn’t related. FOCUS on what is important. Don’t spend it brunching and think that your week will go well (trust me…I used to do this way too often).

2. Think about the 3 things you need to do this week in order to move closer to that goal. Write those 3 things down somewhere visible.

3. Do things through the weekend that will make Monday mornings smooth -think ahead about your needs.

4. Make a few days of meals on Sunday mornings or Saturday mornings for the week.

5. Clean your house and arrange stuff so that you can start the day happy and productive and focused.

6. Lay out your clothes for the next day, including workout clothes or whatever else you need.

7. Get some exercise Sunday and ideally some sunshine for a mood boosting dose of Vitamin D .

8. Have a family dinner where you review what you are looking forward to in the week, then get 8 hours of sleep!

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