What Healthy things I'm loving Right Now

My Summer Staples – What I’m Loving Right Now

This summer has been HOT.  I mean, I love the heat and all, but holy moly.  I live in an old rental house (while I’m remodeling an old 1938 townhome nearby, aka the project that will never end). The problem with the rental is the A/C is old and crappy and the landlord could care less.  It’s been 85 degrees INSIDE my house the last 2 weeks.  That is no bueno for sleeping or for sitting in leather chairs.  Anyways, these 5 items are things I’ve been raving about all summer and things that I wanted to share with you that will keep you cool and healthy in this heat.  Hopefully you’ll find some new things on this list that make YOUR summer a little more fun.


What Healthy things I'm loving Right Now

1. Swell Bottles – Okay, so these aren’t exactly new, but I have 2 of them and they are worth every penny during the hot summer.  They keep your drinks cool for 24 hours – no exaggeration.  Plus, you can find patterns and colors to fit anyone’s personality.  These make great gifts and are a great way to help you drink water (or maybe iced coffee or wine or margaritas) when it’s hot outside.  I take my bottle to the track and set it in the hot sun, and the water stays super cold.  Bonus points if you get this one in neon orange.

2. Acquarella Nail Polish – It’s summertime and everyone’s mani and pedi needs to look good.  The thing is, most nail polishes are basically like putting fire retardant on your nails and then just letting it soak into your body.  Well, this brand is a rare exception.  I’ve just discovered a polish from Acquarella, which is water based.  Their polishes have no harmful chemicals  and they look pretty amazing as well.  This one doesn’t turn your nails yellow and lasts just as long as normal polish as long as you follow the easy directions. It dries super fast and doesn’t have a smell, so you can paint your nails right before you go to sleep.  In fact, they encourage that.   Plus, you can now paint your nails in your house without that horrible chemical exposure.

3. Charcoal Purifying Mask – In the summer when I sweat and wear makeup, I need a good cleansing face mask to make sure my pores don’t get clogged.  This charcoal mask has french clay and activated charcoal in it, and makes your face feel amazingly soft and does a killer job of cleaning out your pores.  There’s a reason that many bloggers are raving about it all over Instagram (including me).  You’ll get about 15 masks (or more) out of one bottle, so it’s totally worth it.  And if you have kids or pets, you can freak them out by chasing them around the house in a scary charcoal covered face.

4. The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington. Everyone needs a book to read by the beach or pool, and I can’t shut up about this one. It’s entertaining and educational and totally worth it (TL;DR – If you think you get enough sleep, you’re probably wrong).  This book breaks down the social, scientific, and business/productivity reasons of why you should be getting more sleep than you currently do.  Gift this one to yourself or someone you care about.  Then preach the gospel of good sleep to everyone you know, because it’s THAT important.

5. Primal Kitchen Chocolate Bars are my new favorite on-the-go snack.  They taste good (like a slightly chewy candy bar), have a good amount of healthy protein in them (8 grams), have the benefits of collagen in them, and don’t have the fake fillers or sugar alcohols in them like other popular “health” brands.  Plus, through this week, you can get a 6 pack of them for free by placing an order of healthy foods online through Thrive Market (If you haven’t heard about Thrive Market, it’s like Whole Foods meets Amazon Prime – they ship healthy food to your door at super cheap prices).  Drop a few in your pool bag or backpack and be prepared for the next time you get hangry.

Hope you are having a great summer!

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