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Why Taylor Thompson ALMOST didn’t become a network marketing rock star

I have an amazing friend, Taylor Thompson, who 20-something-ish years ago, had some beautiful baby girls that were (and still are) the center of her world.

Unfortunately, she had to leave them in daycare every day to go to a job that she didn’t like. All Taylor dreamed of was being able to stay home with her precious babies.

So, she went looking for a job she could do from home. And remember… this is 25 years ago (1992-ish?), so hopping on Google to find one wasn’t a thing. So, she busted out her newspaper and began looking in the classified ads for jobs.

I’ll tell you what happened… she found one. She found a home business, ended up starting with what little money she had, and (spoiler alert) has made millions and millions of dollars and has become one of the world’s TOP network marketing trainers.

But, she almost didn’t join a home business because of an obnoxious lady with bumper stickers.

When Taylor told me her story, I HAD to record it to share it with you.

I DARE you not to learn something.

I’m honored to call Taylor a friend and tickled that she allowed me to share this story with you.  I’m sure this will touch many of you, and you can relate to her feelings and overall journey.

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