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The number 1 metric that will determine your success or failure in your home business – Are you tracking it?

Network Marketing or having a home business can be overwhelming at first, especially in the online marketplace, where there is an obsession with numbers. Friends on Facebook, Comments on Instagram, Likes on Fan Pages, Views on your blog, etc., are all nice, but frankly not that important. What is important? The number of views on your presentation. Watch the video below and I’ll explain!

Key Takeaway Points:

The only way that you are going to make money is for people to get eyeballs on your presentation. They must see a presentation of some sort and be presented with an opportunity to buy your product or join your opportunity. Otherwise, you don’t make money.

So… ask yourself – how many people saw your presentation today?

What counts as a presentation? It can be a 1 on 1 Presentation or Class, a Video, or even a Sales Webinar. It has to be something that people have to say “YES” or “NO” to, so the key is to ask for the sale when it’s done.

What is NOT a presentation? Things like sending samples with no follow up, or posting online about their product and hoping someone will respond (those can be useful, but they are not the same as asking for the sale).

So… how many people saw your presentation today? Yesterday? Last month?
If you aren’t tracking it, you need to.

Your company probably has a video you can share.  This is really handy when you are trying to build a business after hours or part time.  Connect with people, see what their needs are, and then if your company offers a solution to their needs, then ask them if they’re open to watching your presentation. Then, ask them what they liked about it, present your product or opportunity to them, and sign them up or move on to the next!

For a fun idea, try a friendly competition with your teammates. See who can get the most presentation views in a week!

Hope that helped you… now let me know how that changes the way you act each day in your business!

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