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The Secret to Classy, No-resistance Social Media

Episode 3: The Secret to Classy, No-resistance Social Media

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You’ve all seen it… the Facebook feeds full of:
Buy my stuff!
Join my team!
Ask me how!

Buy one get one!

Bottle pictures

People holding bottles up to their faces….

I can’t freaking stand it.  It makes me cringe. And we all have to do better.  

If you are sitting there thinking – “What’s wrong with that? It’s what I’ve been taught to do!”, well… then this episode is for you.  

Today we’re talking about Secret #2: The secret to classy, no-resistance social media (and why MLM gets a bad rap)

In the last episode, we talked about Secret #1: The Top Earner hack that will shift your business completely, increase your sales and make it easier for you to talk to people.

But today we’re talking about Social Media, and in broad terms, what you need to be doing.

Disclaimer: I’m not going to make you a social media guru in just 1 podcast.  

My goal is to help you understand some basic principles of social media, and then we’ll build upon them as we go.  Okay?

As my mentor, Ray Higdon always says, in the old days before social media, if you were a bad network marketer and you had a horrible approach, you could only piss off the people you talked to one at a time.  But social media has changed that… now we can annoy and piss of thousands all at once! 😉 But it’s true… social media is such a blessing and also such a curse. It’s a tool to get the message out, and you have to use it correctly.   And much of what I’m covering today I learned from Ray and his amazing wife Jessica, who is the master at social media recruiting.

The people that really broke this down for me have been Larry and Taylor Thompson.  If you don’t know them, they are network marketing legends and have been in the game for years and you have to follow them.  They are always talking about the fact that the tools will change, but the fundamentals of network marketing don’t.  The tools change quickly, but the skills are the same. In other words, prospecting (making an invitation so someone can take a look at what you have to offer) is still the same idea, no matter if it’s done over Facebook messenger or in person.  Marketing (creating a piece of content and hoping someone will react to it and reach out to you) is the same, no matter if it’s a print ad in a newspaper or a facebook post. It’s the same principle. So we have prospecting and marketing, but today we’re going to focus on marketing, since this IS a marketing podcast after all.

Most people use social media on a day by day, whatever they feel like posting approach. .  A little post here, a picture there. Which, most of the time leads to not a whole lot. Or, maybe a whole lot of frustration.

Today we’re covering the secret to classy, no-resistance social media.  I’m going to give you 3 things you MUST do to get people interested in what you have to offer and loving the idea of getting on board with your health products.  Whether you’re in weight loss, juices, beauty or hair products, essential oils, makeup… whatever. This will work for you.

Let’s focus on a couple reasons WHY social media doesn’t work for most people.

  1. You think the product sells itself – people have no idea what the benefit of your product is, or what’s in the bottle or why they should care
  2. It’s all pitch – people will be numb to it and see it as spammy if it’s all about you. Along these lines, some people think that posting pre-made graphics that look like a terrible infomercial is going to make people want to buy your stuff.  It won’t.
  3. You act like a robot once you join a network marketing opportunity
What can you do?  What is the secret to classy social media?  READY?
  1. Document Your Journey
  2. Deliver Value
  3. Create Curiosity and Conversation with your post
1. Document Your Journey

-People want to know, like, and trust you, especially if you expect them to do business with them

-You don’t need to impress them, you want them to think… If she can do it so can I!

– Sometimes people lose their minds and try to “act” like a marketer – don’t change your language, the way you write, etc.  Just document your stuff. Act like a human. A good rule is if you wouldn’t say it to a person in front of you, don’t say it online.

  1. Deliver Value.

(People only care about WIIFM – You ultimately want to help them solve a problem)

This means sharing what you know or what you are learning.  The best way to bring someone from not understanding why they might need your product to really wanting your product is education.  

You are probably learning about your products and it’s making your life better in some way.  Share that. People only really care about WIIFM. So, share with them the benefits. (This gets back to the last episode…) The best way to do this is to focus on education, not focusing on the product itself or the features of the product.  So instead of posting that picture of the bottle, talk about the benefit of whatever is inside that bottle. It makes you sleep more soundly so you can be a better employee the next day, it makes you more confident and show up happier for your partner, it makes you feel like a rock star full of energy, it gives you shinier hair which means more confidence, it makes you feel safe and like a better parent…. Talk about the benefits.

  1. Create Curiosity and Conversation with your posts

This is the mistake I see SO many people making!  This is why MLM and network marketing gets a bad rap.  People go for the jugular right away. They want to make the sale straight from Instagram or Facebook…they go crazy and say “buy my stuff” right away to anyone who will listen, and it pisses people off.  Hell – it makes me mad when it happens to me. There is a much better way.


I like to think of it like dating… reveal a little on the first date so you can ask for the second.  You don’t need to marry them on the first post. Create content that has people sself-selecting for more information.  Create a post that has people saying, huh! I’d really like to know what she uses, so I’ll reach out to her. Or I’ll click this link to join a group, or I’ll click this link to have her email me more info.  It allows the people who WANT to know more to know more. Just like a date who doesn’t want to be there, you don’t want to force their hand in marriage if they don’t even want to be there in the first place. If you are focusing on educating and giving value, and you are building the know, like and trust factor, that will lead to a long term fan and customer, not just a one time sale.  The challenge with this is that you HAVE to show up consistently on social media, and you have to be willing to put in the work over time. It isn’t a one and done thing, and really… this entire business isn’t, either.

Extra bonus tips:
  1. Don’t try to do it all.  Pick 1 or 2 at most.  Pick the platform that your target market is hanging out on.
  2. Be social.  Be human. As in, connect with people.  Stop using the like button and start commenting on people’s stuff genuinely.  Start friending people and send them a message and introduce yourself – because it’s weird if you don’t.  Interact with them and actually caring about what’s going on in their day. Join groups, not for the purpose of messaging people, but because you have common interests.  Join running groups, mom groups, wellness groups, local neighborhood groups, travel groups, etc. Make some friends and expand your circle and actually be social. The more people you know, like and trust, the more reach you will have online.
  3. Your company is not YOU.  Unless you work for the corporate headquarters as a salaried employee, you do not work for your company. You are a distributor, but you are YOU and you should stay that way online.  Focus on being excited about the things that you love in life. If I can tell from 5 seconds of looking at your profile what company you are in, I promise you are turning people off and they are purposefully not engaging with you.  Focus on your journey, and educating people about the topic or topics you are passionate about by talking about the benefit.

So to recap…

The 3 things you need to do to have a classy, no-resistance social media that leads to customers…
  1. Document Your Journey
  2. Deliver Value
  3. Create Curiosity and Conversation with your posts

Coming up next podcast… Secret #3: How to get people reaching out to YOU and asking you about your products (don’t miss it – subscribe to it on iTunes!).

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