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The Secret Top Earner Hack that Will Shift Your Business

Episode 2: The Secret Top Earner Hack that Will Shift Your Business

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Secret #1: The secret Top Earner hack that will shift your business completely, increase your sales, and make it easier for you to talk to people.

I wondered, “how do I get other people to buy my stuff?”

How do I sell?  

Do you want my stuff?  Have you tried X brand yet? It’s amazing! Do you want to learn about my stuff? It’s the best out there!

All wrong.  

It wasn’t until someone really broke it down to me that I realized how ridiculous that was.  So now I get to pass it on to you and hopefully it will help some of you who might be frustrated.  

First, I get why it happens.  We see the financial and freedom potential.

Also, WE love the products, so we think everyone else will also.  If we can JUST get them to buy it, they’ll fall in love also.

Here’s the secret.  

People are only interested in buying thing that help them solve a problem.

Too hot? Sure I’ll buy a fan.

Need to feel better? Sure I’ll buy some bone broth.

Want to lose weight? Sure I’ll try your shake.

Need to get rid of ants? Sure I’ll buy ant traps.

Need to be warm on your next run? Sure I’ll buy a waterproof sweater.
Need to look cool on your next date? Sure I’ll buy that $900 purse.

But..what most people do, is we say, “hey!  Who wants to buy my hair stuff? Contact me!” OR, who wants to buy my skin stuff? Message me! NOBODY, that’s who.  

Because that assumes they understand what your product is, what the benefits of your product are, and that they have that problem.  

Whatever it is, people buy stuff because it solves a problem.

So the way we help other people get interested in our stuff is by positioning our stuff as a problem solver.  You have to focus on the BENEFIT of your product, and how it makes someone’s life better.

How you do this is you connect with people, online or in person.  You listen to what their needs are, and when they tell you they have a problem that your problem solves, then you can politely ask them if they are open to hearing about how you or other people you know have solved that problem.  

In other words, stop focusing on YOU, and focus on the needs of others.  
See how many people you might be able to connect with and help.  

Instead of worrying who you need to sell to, and why your sister or your cousin isn’t interested in your stuff, you need to focus on finding people who have a problem you can help solve.  

That will require you to think about the real benefits of your product.  The physical and often times emotional benefits of your product.

But something magical happens when you stop worrying about selling and “getting” people.  When you stop worrying about “getting” a sign up, you make a shift.
Instead, think about seeing who is open to the benefits of what you have to offer.  

My coach and mentor, Ray Higdon, taught me to “be unattached to the outcome”.  When that happens, you stop worrying about it, and your energy shifts. You stop being desperate and you start looking for people to work with who WANT to be helped.  It makes the whole thing much more enjoyable.

When you are talking to people in person (or even in digital conversations), what does this look like?

LISTENING. Listening.  Listening because you care, and if people start complaining, then you politely ask if they are open to hearing a possible solution.

I’ve heard the statistic that 70% of people are unhappy with their jobs, and almost the same amount of people are stressed out and don’t like the way they look.  So it won’t take long for you to hear someone complain about a problem you might be able to help with.

What does this look like online in your marketing?  

Well, we’ll dive deep on tactics in future episodes, but putting this into practice looks like you on social media or wherever you market your products talking about your story of why you fell in love with your product, what it does for you, maybe sharing testimonials, but all WITHOUT talking or focusing on your product name or ingredients, or sharing bottle pics.  It’s you showing your smiling face and connecting through story, and sharing the benefits of your transformation in an authentic and real way.

So instead of you worrying about who is going to buy your kit or your product, start thinking about who you can help.  When you realize this industry is about helping others, you’ll be able to make the mindset shift that you’ll need to grow big.

The other thing this does is help you start to work with the people who WANT to be working with you.  Because what happens, let’s say you somehow convince someone to buy something they aren’t excited about… they probably aren’t really pumped to be a repeat customer, and surely aren’t going to ever want to work with you to build a business.  So that approach is a short term, lose/lose approach.

Let’s be honest… if you want to lose weight, and someone says that you’ll need to drink some horrible tasting thing, but it would work.. You’d do it, right?  Because you’re excited about solving a problem.

Or, if you have stress or poor skin or can’t sleep, and someone tells you that this crazy ingredient will help, if you want to solve your problem badly, you don’t really care what it is, right?  

So the name of our game is problem solving.

Help people see that there are potential solutions to their problems.
Stop shoving YOUR agenda on other people on your timeline, and start to see if you can connect with people, online and offline, and help them solve problems.

If you are building an online presence and doing any kind of marketing, you don’t want to be known as the product lady.  You don’t want to be associated with a specific product.. You want to be the person that is known to help with problems. The lady who helps people restore their confidence with clear skin.  The mom who helps other moms learn how to keep a healthy household. The mom who helps other moms sleep soundly at night. The lady who helps people live a non-toxic lifestyle. The woman who shows other women how to grow luxurious amazing hair.  The woman who shows other women how to lose weight and keep it off for good. Or whatever the benefit of your product is. The benefit is the focus, not the product. That way, you are known as a problem solver, not a product pusher.

THIS is how the shift happens and when you approach it THIS way, you’ll be someone who people keep an eye on, and people will start to reach out to YOU, which is when you know your marketing is working.

That’s all for now… hope that helped!

Tune in to the next episode:
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