The Wisdom You Missed at Top Earner Academy Live that may Grow your Business, TEAL from Ray Higdon, Network Marketing and Home Business success by Soraya Goddard

The Wisdom You Missed at Top Earner Academy Live that may Grow your Business

I recently returned from spending 3 days at Top Earner Academy Live, which is an incredible event that Ray Higdon and his lovely wife Jessica Higdon put on.  If you don’t know Ray Higdon, he’s been a mentor of mine for almost 2 years and was the #1 income earner in two different Network Marketing companies.  He stopped building a home business to become a coach and trainer.  His events are worth going to and I always have an incredible experience learning, seeing friends, and enjoying meeting new people.

I took tons of pages of notes and although I share them inside my own team, I can’t share them all here.  However, these are the top nuggets I took away from each speaker at Top Earner Academy Live.  If you implement even one or two, these nuggets will certainly grow your business.  I’ll recap the highlights from each speaker, and I’ve also filmed a short video that will give you more detail.  Enjoy!





 Johnnie Green – How to Build an International Dynasty

Tip: Identify a country that you want to work in and make sure your company can enroll there.  Build local to national.  Make a list of 5 people that don’t look like you and identify how they might be able to work with you.  Build relationships at local restaurants, other places in your town.

Garrett McGrath – President of Association of Network Marketing Professionals

Tip: Cut the TV.  They call it programming for a reason!  Stop zoning out and being a distraction.  Read books and listen to positive personal development and programming.

Nicola Smith Jackson – Tap Rooting to Find Hidden Leaders within your Organization

Her secret to success: Tap Rooting

Your hidden leaders may not be someone with massive enrollment.  You must have a system to discover it. Reach out to people in your team consistently.  Make connections and listen to what they want.  Pour love into that person and show them how to do it.

Jessica Higdon – Social Media Prospecting

Reach out to 10 People a Day and just make a connection.  Ask them about their lives genuinely and see what happens.  365×10 = 3650 connections

Ray Higdon – Prospecting and Recruiting Tips

Stop your excuses.  We all have them.  Be hungry and make it happen no matter what.  Story of Taylor Thompson at the grocery store putting kids in cart and prospecting.

Instead of chasing money, focus on value.  Give value to people who might be interested in your thing.  Be an educator and help others.  That will attract people to you.  Instead of Take/signup/sell focus on give/teach.







Lisa Grossman 

We don’t get what we want, we get what we see.  It starts with what you think.  Marry the process and divorce the result.  Tell your prospects / new business recruits, “I will help YOU build your business.”  It’s their business, and you help them build it.  

Ray Higdon on Mindset:

The best people who do the most stuff aren’t ready.  Stop waiting to be ready.  That’s where the growth is.

John and Nadya Melton on Social Media Recruiting

Stop paying attention to the algorithm and focus on pushing out quality content.  You are a professional conversation starter, so act like one and have as many conversations as you can!  

Success Panel – Soraya Goddard (me!), Lynda Kenny, Diane Hochman, Todd Burrier, and Rena Zaharov






The theme that basically all of us talked about is to keep going.  We all struggle and we all have times of frustration.  Push through.

Larry and Taylor Thompson






Concepts vs. Techniques.  Larry and Taylor highlighted that the concepts never change (reach out to people, find new customers and distributors), but the techniques do.  Don’t focus on the techniques (Facebook, Instagram, Home meeting, webinar, etc…), focus on the concepts.


Hope this helped.  See you at the next event!

Soraya Goddard

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