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What do you do when someone hates MLMs?

Podcast Episode 005: What do you do when someone hates MLMs?

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Podcast Notes: 

1) You don’t need anyone’s approval. Period. If you believe in your product, service, or opportunity and the vision of who you want to become, then drive on and don’t look back.

2) If they don’t like an MLM or our business model, then it definitely isn’t worth your time to attempt to change it. Again, drive on and don’t look back.

3) WE (yes- you included) have a responsibility to be honest, upfront, and authentic in your marketing and conversations so that we change the perception of our industry. I fully believe we can do that in our lifetime, BUT it will require education and consistency from all of us.

4) The unfollow button on Facebook is the greatest. Use it early and often. If people are putting you in a negative space or getting your blood pressure up, UNFOLLOW them. You can always re-follow them later and they won’t know the difference. Or, use my other favorite, the UNFRIEND button.

5) Don’t be afraid of “annoying” people by reaching out to them. 99% of people are respectful and polite if your offer is not for them. The other 1% are reacting in a bad way because of something THEY are dealing with that has nothing to do with you.

6) Sometimes, if you get a REALLY negative reaction from someone, it’s because they’ve had a terrible experience in the past with someone. IF the person you’re talking with is important to you, you might want to consider saying something like, “Wow. Sounds like you had a bad experience in the past. I’m sorry for that” and then see what they say. They will likely realize that YOU are not the one they are reacting to.

7) You should only want to work with people that WANT to work with you. It’s like dating… nobody wants to force another human to date them, because it never works out. Find the person who WANTS to date you (use your product, join your mission) and everyone will be much happier.

P.S. – I’ve unfollowed and blocked a BUNCH of people this week. It really is the best feeling ever.  You should try it.

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